Smart Conversation & Grammar

Smart Conversation&Grammar

Incontri condotti da insegnante bilingue, che conduce il dialogo promuovendo il miglioramento di listening e speaking ed inserendo anche elementi di ripasso grammaticale.

Sede: corso ONLINE

Frequenza: settimanale, il Giovedì dalle 19.15 alle 20.30

Durata: 3 incontri da 1 ora e 15 minuti

Quota: 50 euro

Insegnante: Janaina Colombini

Attivazione: Giovedì 18 Marzo ore 19.15. 
Corso a numero chiuso (max. 4 partecipanti)



Lesson 1 – “Harder, faster, better, stronger”
Inspired by the lyrics of this famous Daft Punk song, our proposal is to talk
about the labor world and use the comparatives and superlatives. What
has changed in your jobs in the past ten years? Is your situation better or
a lot, much, far better, a little, a little bit, slightly.
better, worse, easier, clearer, newer, more difficult, more tiring, more
smart working, flexibility, productivity, increase, decrease

Lesson 2 – What if we never invented plastic?
Global warming, greenhouse effect, sustainability are not only popular
themes raised in the past years, but also compulsory and they must be
discussed by our society. But, what if we never invented plastic? How
would our lives be? In this lesson we are going to talk about unreal
situations and revise the 3 types of “if clauses” in English.
were, would, could, “That’s impossible.”, “I have never thought about it
before.” Maybe, perhaps, I (don’t) agree with… “Life would be…”

Lesson 3 – What about the future?
In a pandemic world life seems to be stuck in the present time. We have so
many uncertainties that figuring out future plans seems useless. Have you
got plans? How long will it take to accomplish them? Are you sure you’re
going to make them? In this lesson we are going to revise the grammar
tenses when we need to talk about the future.
Will, be going to, present continuous, will be doing, in 10 years, “I think I
will…”, wonder.

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